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Job Training

Course Description

Throughout the course of the year, students will participate in classroom activities designed to increase their level of awareness about careers, their interests, their skills, and their abilities.  Students also will explore the various types of careers available to them as well as the skills and training needed to perform related jobs.  In addition, they will gain the skills necessary to be effective, competent workers.

The course will be divided into 12 major units, each having its own set of competencies and skills.  These units are as follows:

Social and Emotional Intelligence

You will understand the goals and objectives of this course as well as how the course will benefit you personally in making choices about your life.

Postsecondary and Career Preparation

You will learn to develop and implement a career plan based on interests, skill levels that align with the curriculum and the student’s IEP and transition plan.

Financial Literacy

You will learn and practice the steps needed to manage personal finances.

Information, Media and Technological Literacy

You will learn and practice the steps necessary to find a job of your choice on your own through using the internet and Ohio Means Jobs.

Health Literacy

You will learn and practice the skills necessary to participate in personal wellness and demonstrate adult daily living skills.

Business Readiness Skills

You will learn to prepare an effective resume that will get you the job of your choice.

Legal Practices and Ethical Aspects of Work

You will learn how to complete all of the paperwork necessary to begin a job.


You will learn how to explain emergency response plans and safety in the work environment.

Communication Skills

You will learn and practice what it takes to effectively communicate through written and/or verbal methods.

Customer Service